Equine Studies

Preparing you for a rewarding career with the horses you love.

Area of Study

Working with horses is a passion that we all share, and we invite you to join us. When you choose to study at SMWC, you will be choosing the only equine program in Indiana to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in equine studies, and one of approximately 20 equestrian colleges in the U.S. to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in equine studies. Preparing you to lead and excel as a horse professional means maintaining high standards. Are you ready?

Experience SMWC

With small class sizes and accessible faculty, SMWC offers you the knowledge and confidence to achieve success within the equine industry.


The First Step

If you wish to major in one of the three equine areas, you must meet the requirements of a multi-level assessment system which provides the opportunity for us to assess your capabilities as a prospective equine major.

Admission procedures and gateways

We’re proud to be a part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association; competing in both 西方 and English. Our team travels to about 20 shows per season and SMWC has often hosted regional horse shows.

亨特的座位 & 西方

Broaden your horizons with international study! Interested equine students may travel to Dublin, 爱尔兰, where they will be hosted by the National Specialized Equestrian Training Center. 从那里, they will be placed in a work-study situation which fits their particular interest in show jumping, 繁殖, 博彩平台网址大全, 赛车, or fox hunting.

“My time at The Woods helped shape me as a person and my time in the Equine Department helped develop me as an equine professional in a variety of ways. There was a variety of course offerings enabling me to tailor my education to meet my future career goals.”

– Amanda Bubb ’05